Good news for NBC, bad news for everyone else who wants to hang on to their good football match-ups. As recently as last year, because Sunday Night Football got the biggest audience with no other NFL games competing, starting in week 11, the NFL gave NBC the right to steal away the week's best matchups to serve the biggest audience.

Apparently that has worked out so well that the NFL is now offering up the week's best games beginning in week 5.

How do the other networks (FOX, CBS) feel about this? Probably not terrific. Their best games are going to feed another stations ad revenues six weeks earlier than before.

BUT, we're not shareholders in NewsCorp or Viacom, so we really don't care. The best games should be on in primetime, so we'll let what will likely be some sort of lawsuit sort all this hogwash out while we awesome football matchups every Sunday night, starting in WEEK 5.