"The Office" is supposed to be a comedy about the things people actually do at work. Jim Carrey's next movie is about a man who plays host to a bunch of penguins in a New York City apartment. The comedic sensibilities are a perfect match.

Carrey will guest star on an upcoming episode of"The Office." In the episode, Carrey interviews for the position Steve Carrell's Michael Scott leaves. Is a resume with experience like "Pet Detective," "Mask-Based Superhero" and "Christmas Present Relocation Manager" gonna land him the job as manager of a paper company? Probably not. Carrey will also have stiff competition in the episode from Ricky Gervais, Ray Romano, Catherine Tate, Will Arnett and James Spader. Sounds like this episode could use a few more celebrities. Is James Franco available?

Meanwhile, that begs the question: what's gonna happen to Will Ferrell's character Deangelo Vickers (great name), who's currently in charge? It's a bigger office mystery than who takes more than 3 slices of pizza on Pizza Fridays, though many suspect it's Jason. (EW)