[post-album postid="223137" item="6"]Alison Brie touched my leg. She is such a gracious, affectionate person that when I sat down to speak with her at the NBC Television Critics Association party, that’s just something two adults do when they’re connecting over conversation. So yeah, my dream girl touched my leg.

Annie became a fan favorite character on Community. When she kissed Jeff (Joel McHale) in the first season finale, she had Jeff/Annie shippers rooting for her. She’s gotten dramatic when Troy (Donald Glover) walked her home and turned full on action babe in the paintball episodes.

Brie was wearing a leggy white skirt and black heels for the NBC party, with her hair done up all cute. Even with costars like Chevy Chase coming over to give her a kiss, she gave me her complete attention.

Q: I get such a happy feeling when I watch you on Community because I feel like you are just going all out to make us happy, whether it’s playing Annie as her nervous self or sexing it up as the gunfighting paintballer.

Alison Brie: Thank you for saying that. I think Annie as a character is someone who throws herself into whatever she’s doing and that’s why she’s fun to play. I gues I am that way as well, so whatever they throw at me on the show, I really want to do it 100% and go all the way. That’s kind of what’s great about our show, that we’re not locked into one thing and our character doesn’t stay the same all the time. You get these different outlets to play a sexier version of the character or a more neurotic version of the character.

Q: Well, original Annie is no less sexy.

AB: [Laugh] Thank you. Well, good. It’s just a lot of fun. I find it more fun to go all out with it so I’m glad that you enjoy watching that as well.

[post-video postid="211639"]Q: What do you get to do in season three?

AB: Well, we just started so it’s early on. I think we’re going to see a little bit more of the badass side of Annie. We might get some darker sides of her, some bits of her drug-addled past and how that is affecting her still. She may have some darker Adderall moments maybe surface.

Q: Is this all in the first episode?

AB: No, no, it’s not. I’m giving you secrets. I’m giving you scoop. There’s some good stuff for shippers, shippers of any kind. We’re two episodes in and I already feel like Annie’s having moments with a number of characters. So that’s good.

Q: Do you feel like you get two characters since they named the monkey Annie’s Boobs?

AB: No, I don’t take any ownership in Annie’s Boobs. She is her own character. She’s an amazing actor.

Q: What do the throngs of adoring male fans do for your ego?

AB: [Laughs] They’re great. They make me feel awesome. I love them. I will never begrudge loving fans.

Q: Do you get it a lot more constantly now that you’re on Twitter?

AB: Twitter is great because it is a direct throughline to fans. I would assume it’s what it would be like when people would get fan mail. It’s sort of like instant fan mail, or weird creepy things. You never know what you’re going to get.

Q: Was there a weird creepy one that’s funny enough to repeat?

AB: I mean, requests for like my underwear are always interesting.

Q: Who thinks they’re actually going to get a pair?

AB: I don’t know! More often I think that they think that I probably just don’t read it. What I would say to those people is I read almost all of people’s responses. I just don’t have time to respond to them usually.

Q: How many @mentions do you get a day?

AB: It depends. If there’s something of note that day like a GQ spread is issued, it might be hundreds. If I haven’t tweeted in a while, it might be 15. You never know.

Q: Your tweets are very provocative. Do you come up with them off the cuff or are they well planned?

AB: Usually they come right off the top of my head but then I will sit and agonize over grammar, because there’s nothing worse than a grammatical error in a tweet. You will never hear the end of it.