When Steven Soderbergh said he was going to retire, most people thought he meant he was going to stop directing films, but what he really meant was that he was going to direct just as many films as he had been, but also picking up work in menial capacities on dystopian teen fiction adaptations.

And let it be known that Steven Soderbergh is a man of his word. The auteur has recently come aboard as second unit director on Gary Ross' Hunger Games. While this may seem to be a random pursuit on Soderbergh's end it seems to be a very practical one from director Gary Ross. Ross has a long-standing relationship with Soderbergh from earlier projects such as Pleasantville, and with the tight timetable that Hunger Games must meet, it serves the project well by having a trusted ally run with the 2nd unit duties, even if he may be a tad overqualified.

Or maybe Soderbergh just wants the opportunity to work with Lenny Kravitz. Who knows?