Steve Carell, who has had mixed success as a leading man, having gone from the initial success of The 40 Year-Old Virgin and Date Night to the lows of Dan in Real Life and Evan Almighty to the gooey middles of Burt Wonderstone, is heading back to the medium that made him.

He's writing a police comedy for TBS. The show will be called Tribeca, and will follow Angie Tribeca (seriously) as she takes on cases with her eccentric coworkers. Sounds pretty promising. To help further sell the premise, she works for something called the "Heinous Crimes Unit," which sounds pretty serious.

Carell will co-write with his wife, Nancy Walls, and will direct the pilot. There's no mention of him starring or appearing in the show, so you can just get over yourself right now and be thankful for the work he's doing on the show and stop asking for more.