Steve Austin Hosts WWE Reality Show, Gets 3:16 AM Time Slot

Friday, January 28 by

Stone Cold Steve Austin wants to know if you’re “Tough Enough.” Personally, I know I’m not. Crushing a beer can on my head would send me and my brittle skull to the emergency room. Luckily, there are folks tough enough to engage in highly choreographed fight routines, and they’ll get a chance at a WWE contract starting April 1st.

Like an old, broken down wrestler coming back for one more match, the WWE reality show “Tough Enough” is back in action and taking a lot of pain medication. Originally conceived in 2001 for MTV, the new version will air alongside RAW on USA. The WWE’s most recent attempt at a wrestlers-in-training show, “NXT,” quickly went off the air on Syfy and became a web series, which I would argue is more humiliating than just getting cancelled.

And that’s the entertainment news, because Screen Junkies said so. (EW)

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