Hot Dog! AMC Finally Close To Reaching A ‘Mad Men’ Deal

Tuesday, March 22 by

The smoke-filled boardrooms of AMC have been shuttered for days as they try to reach an agreement with Matthew Weiner, the creator of”Mad Men.” Fans of that show have been dreading the prospect of a world without a fifth season of the show, since Matthew Weiner reportedly wanted a lot of money to pay for all that lucrative critical acclaim the show has gotten AMC.

But now, negotiations are said to be drawing to a close, which means we’ll probably get to see the next season of “Mad Men” after all. There’s one hitch, though – while “Mad Men” usually premieres in mid-summer, this year it probably won’t since negotiations have lasted this long (we already know what one member of the cast will be doing instead). So it isn’t known just how long we’ll have to wait to see what wacky adventures the gang at Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Price have in store. Oh well, people who like “Mad Men” are pretty patient in general, right? (via Deadline)

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