Hope. Change. Truthiness.

He's been hinting at it for a few days on The Colbert Report but now Stephen Colbert is closer to entering the race to become the not-Mitt Romney everyone should vote for in the Republican primary. The decision came after a recent poll placed him ahead of Jon Huntsman in his home state of South Carolina. To date, Republicans have not won the presidency without first winning South Carolina.

After going home and discussing it with his money, Colbert came back to his show last night to take his first steps toward the White House. Campaigners are not allowed to run political action committees, so he had good buddy Jon Stewart drop by to legally sign as sole owner of Colbert's super pac. Under Stewart's control, it will be renamed the Definitely Not Coordinated with Stephen Colbert Super Pac.

Of course, if he does enter the race (again), they'll probably pull him from the ballot (again). But how great would it be to have Colbert in the White House? He'd give his staff the best nicknames and bears would be nuked to extinction.