I can't imagine a politician with a more rabid following than Mr. Colbert, but it's still a bit early to think of what this means for us as a country. Stephen Colbert, the late-night pundit who seemingly hasn't broken character in ten years or so, is leading an initial poll in which South Carolinians were asked who they would want filling the soon-to-be vacant seat of Jim DeMint.

20% of the constituency would like to see him take the position, with the next-closest "candidate," Tim Scott, coming in at 15%. Probably because Tim Scott doesn't have his own TV show. What a joke.

The Governor will appoint the seat, which is probably due to some weird little clause that I knew back in AP Government, but have since forgotten, so it's not JUST a popularity contest. Something tells me that Colbert won't end up with the gig, but his involvement sure will make it interesting.