‘Heroes’ Stars To Give Acceptable American Voices To ‘Iron Man’ And ‘Wolverine’

Sunday, April 3 by

You may have seen a couple of trailers a while back for anime versions of the popular Marvel superheroe Iron Man and Wolverine. If you’re the right kind of person, you might have wondered who would get to voice the English dubs of these characters. Well, wonder no more, hypothetical person, because we now know that Iron Man will be voiced by Adrian Pasdar, while Wolverine’s “bubs” will be provided by Milo Ventimiglia (who also has Static coming up). Somewhat interestingly, both of these actors were on the show “Heroes” on NBC – not only that, they playe brothers.

Here’s Jeph Loeb, Marvel’s Head of Television, on the casting:

“Adrian and Milo are perfect as Iron Man and Wolverine. It’s extremely exciting to see these talented guys take on two of the most iconic Super Hero roles of all time.”

Both movies, about the Japan-set adventures of the super-heroes, are set to premiere on G4. And there are Blade and X-Men anime movies in the works as well. So people who like seeing super-heroes with huge eyes definitely have something to be excited about. (via ScreenRant)

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