‘Stargate Universe’ Actress Elyse Levesque

Monday, October 25 by

Here’s one for all you science fiction junkies out there: Elyse Levesque, the face behind space-dwelling heroine Chloe Armstrong of SyFy channel’s “Stargate Universe.” An actress by trade since age 11, Levesque has risen to small-screen prominence over the past year since being cast in the role. And as one of the show’s primary pretty ladies, she has by default become an object of desire for daydreaming “Stargate” fanboys the world around.

A word from Elyse: "Live every day to the fullest."

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  1. October 25, 2010 10:58 am


    I dont like Chloe. She is the most useless character. They had to magic her super brain powers to create a job for her. Initially she teased Eli, being the most relatable for all SGU fans. Then she ran off with the known cheating, unreliable Lt. The writers then expect us to care about the her when the Lt is unfaithful. I refuse to care about the character. Unless that caring is hoping that the useless mouth on the ship is permanently closed. Also the “supposed” special forces chic, has anarexic arms and large breasts. Both traits mutually exclusive for a person who actually is fit enough to be special forces. They also seem to be going in the sadly uninspired God dorection like the close of Battlestar. If they continue I shall be largely disapointed.

  2. October 25, 2010 10:58 am


    I understand where you come from that chloe is a “useless character”, but you do have to understand the situation in which everyone was brought on board the destiny. These are mostly people who have no experience or training with anything they are going through on board the ship, they are mearly there for the ride. Technically there are a LOT of “useless civilian characters” on the destiny, you just barely see them because they aren’t part of the main cast. Elyse just happens to be a main character, at first mainly because of her role with her relationships to scott and eli, and now because of the transformation she is undergoing. It adds more depth to the storyline, and makes for more side story to follow apart from the main storyline, and of course shes another attractive woman to look at.

  3. October 25, 2010 10:58 am


    dude i agree man she’s not even that much to look at the one girl with the huge honkers has such a tiny role should kill chloe and put her in chloes air time ahahah i wish

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