(SPOILER ALERT ALERT) Twitter App Removes Spoilers

Wednesday, May 8 by
Spoiler alert! 

It should be no surprise that people who prefer to digest information in 140-character increments also really, really like their television shows. It’s also of little surprise that they will probably find invaluable something a 17 year-old invents.

Enter Twivo, an app that strips all the spoilers from your Twitter timeline. Actually, it removes all references to TV shows and characters that you select, leaving you with a Twitter feed that’s probably just a bunch of pictures of food with the hashtags #belieber and #selfie.

SOOOOOO, if, for instance, you didn’t want to know that (SPOILER ALERT FOR REALS) Jamie Lanister lost his hand right before a bitchin’ Hold Steady cover of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair,” then you would probably pull “Jamie Lannister” and “Game of Thrones” from your Twitter feed using the app.

You can now find the app as a Chrome plug-in, but expect to see Twivo as a standalone app sometime around the end of this sentence.

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