David O. Russell Sells Show About Nothing

Friday, February 4 by

David O. Russell must really carry a flame for Connie Britton. He is working to develop a drama for her on FX with no script or even concept. Of course he’s David O. Russell, so it probably went something like this:

FX Exec: Pass. What else you working with, David?

Russell: A drama.

FX Exec: Intriguing. Any more details?

Russell: With Connie Britton.

FX Exec: We love it. Go nuts. Let us know when it’s ready to air.

Russell: Really? Wow…

Now Russell has to call Connie Britton and tell her what he’s done.

Both are coming off of banner projects, Britton with “Friday Night Lights” and Russell with the Oscar-nominated The Fighter, so it’s not too hard to imagine a scenario like the above one actually playing out that easily. The combination of Britton, Russell and FX is certainly a promising one, as FX has shown in recent seasons that they are more than capable of competing against the pay channels with their original programming. It’s a fools errand to speculate what Russell has up his sleeve, but I’m going to assume it’s something good, even if he hasn’t thought of it yet. (Deadline)

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