Spike TV’s Animated Charlie Sheen Special Ends The Internet

Friday, March 4 by

Those amusing Taiwanese CGI recaps of famous American news scandals that are so popular (dare I say, viral) on the internet have made their way to American TV before, specifically on Conan O’Brien’s short lived run hosting “The Tonight Show,” but next week they’ll take center stage in a Spike TV half hour special commemorating Charlie Sheen’s meteoric descent to tiger blood fueled infamy. “Charlie Sheen’s Winningest Moments” premieres on Spike Wednesday, March 9 at 10:30 p.m. and is a joint production between the cable outfit and the Taiwanese company NMA, which the network has signed to a five year deal to produce content.

“Segments on the special include: scenes where Sheen wrecks a hotel room and loses a $150,000 watch; Sheen rents a mansion and fills it with porn stars who live as one big happy family; Sheen doing the drug “Charlie Sheen;” Sheen auditions his Two and a Half Men replacement.”

Wow. This special seems like a cash/attention grab for Spike, who are basically just acquiring and re-appropriating viral videos surrounding a popular gossip item and throwing them up as a special. However, “Web Soup,””Tosh.0,” and “The Soup” do the same thing on a weekly basis and no one bats an eyelash, so why would this be any different? I guess it’s not, although it does seems like your dad finding your Radiohead bootlegs and secretly burning them to distribute around the office. It’s not cool if you know about it, dad! Only time will tell how embarrassing this will be for all parties involved. (EW)

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