Most game shows give you prizes. A few twisted takes on the concept will take things from you. "Repo Games" splits the difference, allowing you to keep something you don't deserve to have. Confused? Don't be. It will be on Spike TV, which means "Don't worry. Failing head trauma, you'll get it." The show has been ordered, so expect to be inflicted with it this summer or fall.

"Repo Games" allows contestants to keep their about-to-be-repossessed cars if they can answer three out of five questions correctly. No word yet on whether one of the questions is, "Why are you so financially irresponsible?" It's hard to imagine a show this sad becoming appointment television for anyone, but Spike TV has made a business model undermining the expectations of decent, intelligent Americans, so sleeper-hit status is not beyond the realm of possibility.

"Repo Games" is brought to us from the producers of "Jersey Shore," so expect the telecast to be intermittently peppered with musings on the works of Virgil and keen observations on the evolution of gender dynamics in the face of social media. (EW)