The hardest thing about filmmaking is accurately communicating the strange things in your head that seem important. This is the reason that Spike Jonez is basically my hero.  He comes up with abstract, high-concept ideas and manages to turn them into amazing finished products. Here's some videos of a few of his previous works.

For those of you real AV geeks out there who have not watched The Work of Spike Jonez, you can get it from Netflix. It has a lot of his early videos so it’s great to see him progress from a dude with a video camera shooting his friends skateboarding to a mature filmmaker. 

Amost every director does some music videos and commercials to make that ca$h money.  It always amazes me that you can be watching a spot that Ridley Scott did for Nike sandwiched in commercial breaks for Golden Girls. So I thought it would be interesting to show a couple of spots that Jonez has done.  Not to sound like too much of a douche tool, but It’s rad the way he turns everyday into objects into sentient beings in very simple ways. In this case its shoes, lamps, and mannequins. The Adidas one blows my fragile little mind.




The Gap

That one almost makes me want to buy a pair of khakis.

Im looking forward to seeing what he comes up with the Weezer.

Slashfilm has the story.

Max Powerse