Empty your bank account. Beg your parents for cash. Go to a whole lot of 7-11's and "Take A Penny" thousands of times. If you can beat the current high bid of $7500, you win a charity auction to attend a private dinner reunion of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" cast. I can sense you doing the Carlton as you read this.

Karyn Parsons, aka Hillary Banks, aka Ashley Banks's sister, my top make-out candidate from grades 6 through 8, has organized a charity auction to benefit her organization Sweet Blackberry. Here's Parson explaining what the winner of the best auction ever gets:
"It's a dining experience with Alfonso Ribeiro [Carlton], Tatyana Ali [Ashley], James Avery [Uncle Phil] and myself, and a meet-and-greet with Will Smith. Will's gonna come by and hang for a minute and meet the winner."

Will's gonna "hang out for a minute?" Oh, that's right, he's too busy transforming his brats into billion dollar hair-whippers to have a bowl of soup for an hour with his embarrassing old sit-com buddies. You've changed, Will.

Still, who needs the Fresh Prince when you've got Uncle Phil to yell at you, Carlton to dance with you, and Ashley Banks to stare at, until she feels uncomfortable and makes any excuse she can think of to leave.
"Any time on 'Fresh Prince' when we all had to sit down at the table together, we called them table scenes. We couldn't get up, so we'd be there for hours. In those scenes, the outtakes are ridiculous," Ali tells us. "We would literally be laughing 'til we cried. So I would expect somebody coming into that to expect to be at a table scene."

Whatever you say, Tatyana Ali. Whatever you say...

You can bid here. If you win, tell the Banks' I say "hello" and "remember the time when Hilary posed for Playboy and Uncle Phil freaked out? That was great." (PopEater)