‘South Park’ Isn’t Going Anywhere

Wednesday, July 20 by

Many took the depressing end of South Park’s most recent episode “You’re Getting Old” to mean that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were done with the series and would find a new way to piss off Muslim extremists and Sean Penn. However, that’s not the case. The creators have just signed on to remain with the series through 2013.

However, there’s no word whether “You’re Getting Old” will set a new tone for the series going forward. It can be interpreted that Parker and Stone have grown wary of cynicism and will move the show in a less snarky direction. Or it could be that the episode was a one-off designed to spark debate. Either way, I’m sure that Adam Sandler movies will still look like shit.

South Park will return on October 5th with all new episodes. (Entertainment Weekly)

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  1. July 20, 2011 9:58 am

    Nick Carter

    They did an interview about their Broadway play where they mentioned this episode. They said that it was done the same way as the rest of their episodes. An idea that played out in their head and came to the screen within hours. I think there is no reason to look for any greater significance in that episode than any other episode where they deviate from some “established formula”.

    I am prepared to see anything from them, as they struggle with their genius within a well defined product.

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