‘South Park’ Guys Give Dean Ween And Les Claypool A Fishing Show

Monday, January 28 by

When it was announced that Trey Parker and Matt Stone had opened their very own $300 million studio with the intention to produce whatever the eff they want I was pretty excited to see what would follow. Well, they’re definitely holding true to that promise.

The South Park creators are producing a fishing show hosted by Les Claypool of Primus and Dean Ween of Ween. The nitrous budget on this thing is going to be outrageous.

The ex-guitarist of the band Ween and lifelong Jersey Shore fisherman is prepping to shoot a pilot for a quirky TV series about saltwater angling. He’s going to embark on nautical adventures with fellow musician and fisherman Les Claypool of Primus.

“The show is personality-driven,” says Melchiondo, 42, a Trenton native. “The idea is to get the show on after Anthony Bourdain or Tosh.O. It’s a fishing show that you do not have to be into fishing to enjoy.”

When Melchiondo learned that the fishing show got the greenlight to shoot next month, it was a welcome bit of good news. Produced by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series will fuse sportfishing with music and comedy, following Melchiondo and Claypool as they go out on the water with celebrity guests in different locales, including the Garden State. (Via)

What’s next? Wayne Coyne’s Wild Kingdom?

A show like this could only come about thanks to Parker and Stone. If anyone at the major networks were to produce, it would get twisted and perverted until it was unrecognizable. Before long, it would be Nick Cannon and the guy from Train hosting a dance party on a yacht.
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