During a dinner with online journalists, Paul director Greg Motola talked about the pilot he’s shooting for a new Aaron Sorkin series. HBO is making “More As This Story Develops,” a drama about a cable newsroom. Motola is directing the pilot. [post-album postid="15121" item="1"]

“It isn’t necessarily like oh, this is completely R-rated, Aaron Sorkin’s working blue now,” Motola said. “There are a few fucks in it just to justify it. It’s interesting because Aaron isn’t necessarily the provocateur that HBO’s looking for. The show doesn’t open on two people fucking.” Motola joked, “Season four is all fucking, but it’s ALL fucking.”

“Story” IS Sorkin unleashed with no time constraints. “Part of it is the reality that the time is different on cable. An hour-long show on network TV is 41 minutes long, 42 minutes long. On HBO it’s an hour and that’s actually a huge difference. They’re letting us shoot a pilot that’s like an hour and a half long. It’s practically feature length. Aaron is a maximalist, not a minimalist. It’s really letting him write and write and write and it’s got a tremendous energy to it.”

And now this is the new show from “Academy Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.” Man, that would’ve helped Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. “I think he’s in a different headspace after Social Network. If you watch the DVD making of Social Network, you’ll see how involved he was in that film. He was really there every step of the way.  I think his writing has slightly shifted because of it in a way. The network, the way they’re letting us cast it, we’re casting a lot of New York Broadway actors, and Olivia Munn. There are some ways HBO is involved that is making it very different than what Studio 60 was.”