‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Is Going To Get It’s Own ‘Talking Dead’-Style Wrap-Up Show

Monday, August 26 by
Well that's some fun punctuation! 

Some shows merit conversation, dissection, and analysis. Some don’t. Sons of Anarchy teeters right on the dividing line. It CAN be talked about, but need it be talked about?

FX sure seems to think so, as they’ve given the show Anarchy Afterword, a postgame breakdown show that will run online after the premiere, fifth episode, and finale. At least they’re not running this thing after every episode.

The show will be hosted by Chris Franjola of Chelsea Lately, which will provide profound starpower and resonance to the millions of Americans that fall in the overlap of the “Chelsea Lately fans” and “Sons of Anarchy fans” Venn Diagram.


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