I'm a proponent of fair competition, but I hate Lana del Rey more than most other things. I should get introspective later and figure out on which side of this I fall.

An anonymous letter went to all voting Academy members saying that Lana Del Rey's song from The Great Gatsby, "Young and Beautiful" (UGH), has been disqualified, and is no longer up for consideration.

And that's a lie. It still very much qualifies. And while the efforts of this saboteur ("j'accuse!") are admirable, they're probably in vain, as she's one of 75 entrants who made the initial cut. Still, I like this anonymous person's moxie.

(For the sake of this effort, and the holiday season, I'll pretend that this whole thing isn't some elaborate PR scheme to get attention to Lana Del Rey, though, as I type this, it feels pretty obvious that's EXACTLY what this sounds like.)