SNL Held An Audition For The Black Female(s) We All Said It Was Lacking

Friday, December 13 by
A little something for the critics.  

In a seemingly abrupt and random (though legit) criticism, SNL has spent much of this season responding to the allegations that it doesn’t provide a showcase for minorities, especially black women. If memory serves, their first and only black cast member was the marginal Ellen Cleghorne in the 90’s.

The show had poked some fun at the allegations when Kerry Washington stepped in to host, but, naturally, that just angered the critics more. And now, SNL can’t just make fun of the fact, apparently.

So, the show hosted a tryout for 11 black women at the Groundlings theater in LA. (Don’t you dare make a comment about sass. This post is about equality.) They even got a picture to prove they were all there, unless this is just a staged thing for SNL to say “We auditioned 11 of them. Black women just don’t have our type of humor.” Which they won’t, because then they would probably be in more trouble.

I’m going to stop typing now.

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