Bear Grylls took time out from his busy schedule of eating raw animal nards last night to tweet the most disgusting picture that he possibly could. And that's saying a lot for him.

Here is the message sent along with the grotesque image:
“Our man vs wild producer suffering from a brutal snake bite – fighting the injury with courage.”

Intriguing? Yes. But don't look down any further. Please don't look down any further. This is far more gross than what you're expecting. Looking any further after these warnings is akin to reading from the Necromicon and unleashing psychological hell beasts on your mind.

Okay. I've prepped you. Here it is:

The above picture is an approximation of the injury just in case you think you want to pull out now. Honestly, I'm not sure why you're intent on seeing this. But if I must share, I will.

We here at ScreenJunkies would like everyone to join us in wishing this Man Vs. Wild producer got this on tape. (Bear Grylls Twitter)