Might as well keep it in the family. Slumdog Millionaire's Anil Kapoor, who played Kamistani (don't look it up; it's fictional) President Omar Hassan, will be returning to the 24 universe, this time as the Indian equivalent of good guy Jack Bauer.

India's recent bouts with terrorism have been more frequent than the United States, so tacklin 24 is a pretty topical move on their part. The man behind the push is 20th Century Fox's head of international television, Marion Edwards, who is not only working on getting 24 to India, but also Malcolm in the Middle, The Wonder Years, and Modern Family. I guess he passed on Hill Street Blues and The Hogan Family.

24: India (as it is being called internally) will be hitting Indian airwaves in 2012, after Kapoor finishes shooting Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.