Slow News Day: ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Coming To DVD

Saturday, April 9 by

If you’re a certain age, you probably remember the Nickelodeon cartoon (or “Nicktoon,” as they were commonly referred) “Rocko’s Modern Life.” It was a pretty off-beat show, with lots of those infamous “dirty jokes” for parents. The best-known example is the name of the restaurant Rocko and his friends would frequent, which was “Chokey Chicken.” I’ll let you look up what this is a reference to yourself, in case you’re not too embarrassed to admit no knowing what it means.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the show never made it to DVD. Until … NOW. Shout! Factory has picked up the rights and will be releasing “Rocko’s Modern Life: Season One” on June 21st. So start saving up your measly wages that you haven’t already spent on a sad crying clown in an iron lung. (CinemaBlend)

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