If you're a certain age, you probably remember the Nickelodeon cartoon (or "Nicktoon," as they were commonly referred) "Rocko's Modern Life." It was a pretty off-beat show, with lots of those infamous "dirty jokes" for parents. The best-known example is the name of the restaurant Rocko and his friends would frequent, which was "Chokey Chicken." I'll let you look up what this is a reference to yourself, in case you're not too embarrassed to admit no knowing what it means.

Anyway, for whatever reason, the show never made it to DVD. Until ... NOW. Shout! Factory has picked up the rights and will be releasing "Rocko's Modern Life: Season One" on June 21st. So start saving up your measly wages that you haven't already spent on a sad crying clown in an iron lung. (CinemaBlend)