Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’ To Introduce Cheryl Cole To American Boners

Monday, April 25 by

Simon Cowell‘s plans to destroy ‘American Idol‘ and all it holds dear by bringing ‘X Factor’ to U.S. shores is moving forward.

Though it’s been known for awhile that he and producer L.A. Reid would serve as judges on the show, he’s now announced who he would like to join him as he berates would-be stars. Cowell would like to bring fellow U.K. ‘X Factor‘ judge Cheryl Cole over because, just look at here. I’d want her seated to my right all day, everyday too. He may be blind when picking out t-shirts and instructing his hairdresser, but you’ve gotta give him credit here.

Of course, to guarantee we’d don’t get too hot and bothered, he’d also like to bring old chum Paula Abdul on to judge. Negotiations with Abdul have yet to begin, but I imagine they will be untranslatable through the slurring and then one eye-lid will continue to open and close itself like a broken baby doll. (Deadline)

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