Pepsi has won the war to inundate Simon Cowell's new talent show, "The X Factor," with their iconic branding. Tough titties, Coke. Looks like you'll have to suffer with the amazingly popular "America Idol" franchise. A press release from Fox Broadcasting stated, "The comprehensive sponsorship of The X Factor by Pepsi includes an extensive, multi-platform off-air marketing partnership; weekly in-show integrations and placements; and an immersive content experience online. Pepsi will be the exclusive beverage sponsor of THE X FACTOR both on and off-air."

Sounds like a helluva good time. I can't wait until this two hour Pepsi commercial with the occasional singer premieres. It won't be long until contestants are forced to write jingles for Pizza Hut and juggle KFC drumsticks. Keep on sucking down that cola, you rising stars. It's good for your voice thingies.