Ron Shelton will be taking his sports expertise (Cobb, Blue Chips, White Men Can't Jump, Bull Durham, and The Great White Hype) and sliding over to the small screen to give Showtime an NBA drama, presumably with Hollywood actors against a green screen to make them appear tall.

It's not known whether the show has or will have the blessing of the NBA (Why would anyone want it?), but the series will have a number of Lakers execs and insiders, including Phil Jackson (who will serve as executive producer), serving as consultants, so you know there will be some dish.

If I may make one suggestion: No NBA cameos, please. Entourage could get away with it because no one took it seriously to begin with, and Arli$$ embarrassed itself wit the parade of dumb athletes. Keep this on in its own little world and divorced from reality.

Oh, and have Dirk Nowitzki and Nate Robinson star. That's all.