You know what I don't want to pay for? Showtime. However, it looks like the pay cable channel is taking their current shows off of Netflix, in an attempt to get me to pay for their dumb ol' channel, regardless of my feelings. I guess the free (or rather, relatively less expensive) ride's over folks. Unless, of course, you know what BitTorrenting is.

You can still watch Showtime's retired original series, like "The Tudors," but what's the fun in that? The point is to be able to stay somewhat caught up on "Californication" without spending extra bucks on Showtime. Why'd they suddenly become a bunch of jerkos?

Viewers are "cutting the cord" more and more, opting for an internet/Netflix combo rather than expensive cable. So it could be a way to protect their precious, precious David Duchovny related-content. Or maybe they got spooked by Netflix having a fancy shmancy original series of their own - the Kevin Spacey starring "House of Cards." (TheWrap)