‘Shit On Jay Leno’ Week Continues With Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘F*ck Him’

Tuesday, August 28 by
This is either Jay Leno or Jimmy Kimmel. It's hard to tell.  

Yesterday, we reported the lovely news that Howard Stern called Jay Leno a spineless maggot. Well, without even knowing that Leno-bashing was in season, Jimmy Kimmel spoke with Bill Carter, author of The Late Shift, in front of an audience, and, when asked what he thought of Jay Leno, responded “Fuck him” without missing a beat.

Kimmel has a history of mocking Leno both on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and on The Tonight Show, where he slammed Leno to his face in almost roast-like fashion. Seems that wasn’t enough.

Kimmel ¬†as he prepares to go straight up against David Letterman and Leno in the 11:35 slot in January. Kimmel doesn’t appear to have been wronged by Jay Leno…he just really doesn’t like him.

Which seems to be how most of America feels. Stay tuned tomorrow, when Barack Obama is expected to call Leno an “unfunny cunt weasel.”


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