While Charlie Sheen is rehabbing, there is no shooting of new "Two and a Half Men" episodes. Yeah! That's great news for the show's many haters... but bad news for the show's crew. Because Sheen's drunkishness has halted production, the show's freelance crew - the 300 or so non-celebrities, or "normos," who work the lights, sound, costumes, etc - are losing paydays. Well, Sheen is coming to the rescue... sort of.

Sheen has apparently offered to pay for 1/3 of the crew's downtime, which he himself caused, if Warner Bros. and CBS will pickup the remaining 2/3rds. I'm surprised he's not asking the porn stars he was snorting up with to chip in too. So, how much will it cost to pay the crew? Reports say the show's crew makes an average of $300-$400K per episode, and that is a lot of money. Wait a minute, did you say Sheen makes $1.2 million dollars an episode?

As economists often say, "the rich don't get richer by fully compensating the people they dick over." (EW)