Charlie Sheen's reps believe one and a half men will become "Two and a Half Men" again by late February. Damn it, we were just beginning to enjoy the "Men"-lessness.
"My understanding is that he will be back on the set at the end of February," Sheen representative Stan Rosenfield said.

As we all know, because we played the addicting flash game (from now on, I'd like all my news in flash game format, thank you), sitcom bazillionaire Sheen is in rehab after going a scooch too far with the Triple-Ds: drinking, drugs and 'da prostitutes'. That's put America's most watched sitcom (*bangs head against desk*) on production hiatus until the actor feels better.

Meanwhile, CBS has ordered more episodes of "Rules of Engagement" -- which has never managed to engage my attention for more than ten seconds -- in case Sheen sneaks out of rehab in the middle of the night to attend a coke party with a couple dozen porn stars "for old times sake." Hopefully, he'll make it through treatment, get back to his ridiculously well-paying job, and be able to do lines off hooker's butts with a little bit of privacy. (CNN)