Shawn Ryan had a conference call with the media today to talk about the third episode of his new cop show “The Chicago Code.” He gave us a few juicy details about the rest of the first season, but one thing that really sounds cool is an idea he hasn’t written yet. Let’s hope the show gets a second season so he can do an episode about the real life crime of “Dibs” on the city streets.

“Last night I was reading an article in one of the Chicago papers about the tradition of dibs in Chicago during snowstorms and stuff, which has to do with people placing objects and furniture in the streets to save parking spots after snowstorms and everything,” Ryan said. “I started thinking about how that might be the basis of an episode, so these ideas come all the time.”

The first 13 episodes of “The Chicago Code” are already in the can, so we will watch them unfold. Monday’s episode really lets Alderman Gibbons (Delroy Lindo) show what a complicated, formidable opponent he will be.

“This next episode really shows the dark side of him and yet going forward, hopefully we’re going to show a balanced side of him but it makes him a more interesting villain I think. The stuff he gets involved with in this Monday’s episode is kind of juicy.
Seeing him interact with this guy Killian in this episode and how he manipulates him, gets manipulated in the beginning and turns the tables and everything, was just an interesting story and revealed a lot about his character. I think that’s how you have to approach it is just from a character perspective.”

Ryan plans to reveal more about the partnership between superintendent Colvin (Jennifer Beals) and Det. Wysocki (Jason Clarke) also. There are no outright flashbacks to when they were beat cops together, but he will drop hints about what they’ve been through together.

“In this first season, we don’t actually flash back in any way in that regard. We do have some interaction between them where you learn more about what their partnership was like and you learn that he was the one who ended it. She still bristles a bit at that so we do delve into some backstory but not through visual flashbacks. It is a fun partnership between the two of them and a fun relationship.”

Monday’s episode may be the first to really illustrate how “The Chicago Code” plans to bring all these elements together. However, Ryan promises never to repeat himself.

“One of the things that is tough is I always like to do things differently. So I wouldn’t say that this episode is the model for every single episode to follow. There are a couple of episodes along the way that are a little bit more standalone than this one, but this one really is I think the jumping off point for the series and that central triangle between superintendent Colvin and Det. Wysocki and Alderman Gibbons that gets launched in this episode is a major, major, major thing in the vast majority of episodes to follow. There are a couple of episodes in the series where we don’t have Delroy, the character of Gibbons and we focus on other areas of the police. It’s not here’s the model and we do the same thing each week because as a showrunner that doesn’t interest me, but I do think the episode is emblematic of things to come.”

When he was producing “Lie to Me,” Ryan got many of his “The Shield” cast to do an episode. If “The Chicago Code” makes it another season, he’d like to bring back the cast of “The Unit.”

“That’s a great idea. An all ‘Unit’ reunion would be good. Just like ‘The Shield,’ I really love those ‘Unit’ actors. Some of them are working and tough to pin down. I know Scott Foley’s been spending some time on ‘Grey’s Anatomy.’ Robert [Patrick] and I get along great and Robert said to me on a few occasions that any time I need him, he’ll show up.”

“The Chicago Code” airs Mondays on Fox.