In what's shaping up to be tremendous news for people who like inconsequential news stories, Sharknado 2 has officially been deemed the highest rated original film ever on SyFy network. Is that an accomplishment?

Yes. It is because we say it is.

The stupid film starring Tara Reid managed to use the suggestibility of weak-willed audiences to garner 3.9 million viewers, which is far more than needed to watch a low-budget film about weather patterns consisting of sharks. The 3.9 million viewers generated 500,000 tweets meaning that very few people that watched Sharknado were doing so without asking for attention in their Sharknado watching.

And yes, this means there's going to be a sequel. Good for Tara Reid, good for fledgling CGI shops, bad for people who watch things non-ironically and with sincerity.