Seth MacFarlane To Delicately Handles Race Relations In A New Cartoon

Monday, November 11 by
Now imagine this joke recurring for like three seasons.  

Seth MacFarlane has a reputation for being a funny guy that has absolutely no qualms veering into bad taste for the sake of a joke. Which is fine. A joke is a joke. MacFarlane seems to hold nothing sacred and spreads the hate around equally.

So when he announced his involvement in Bordertown, a show created by Family Guy writer¬†Mark Hentemann, it’s easy to think this might not be a good idea.

Because it doesn’t really sound like a good idea. Or terribly funny. It’s about a border patrol agent in America who maintains a tense relationship with his neighbor, a hard-working Mexican immigrant. It’s possible this show could go for a soft side, but there’s nothing in MacFarlane’s history that suggests he is capable of that.

Will we see repeated cameos from Consuela, the hispanic maid? I hope for the sake of national healing, the answer is yes.

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