Sesame Street’s ‘True Blood’ Parody Learns Ya Rhyming

Thursday, September 23 by

Why "Sesame Street" made a "True Blood" parody entitled "True Mud" is beyond me. I’m assuming it caters to moms who are familiar with the HBO series, and little kids whose parents have no problem exposing their spawn to vampire hate sex. That’s progressive for a children’s show.

Check out the video of "True Mud" after the jump. Then maybe after you can tell me what the hell True Mud is and why grouches require it. And if grouches do require it, why isn’t Oscar THE Grouch the one asking for it instead of some Southern emo puppet?

Sesame Stree True Blood Parody – Watch more Funny Videos


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  1. September 23, 2010 6:41 am

    Shisha Hookah

    Sesame Street’s ‘True Blood’ Parody Learns Ya Rhyming is really a nice Movie

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