Perhaps to cater to the dwindling-ly specific demographic that resorts to rabbit ears to get its children's programming, Sesame Street has added a Muppet who has a parent in jail.

The new guy's name is Alex, and his dad is in the hoosegow for reasons unknown, but I like to pretend it's because he was a mastermind of the Enron scandal. Lest you think that this is a case of liberal TV making a point about the United States' incarceration policies – it might be, but 1 out of 28 kids has a parent in jail these days, so it's not like such circumstances are rare.

Anyway, Sesame Street has decided to roll Alex out in a niche online format to teach kids about some specific issues about growing up that the show didn't feel was appropriate for the broader audience. The title of the online show is Little Kids, Big Challenges, and it features programming geared towards children whose parents are divorced, poor kids, and kids with a parent in the clink.

I'm sure Alex's dad will get off using newly-revealed DNA evidence, but until then, we have to just play the waiting game.