HBO's divisive pseudo-hit Girls will be returning to the airwaves on January 13th, 2013. This should be one of the more anticipated premieres of this TV season, if for no other reasons than she got Emmy nods for acting, directing, writing, and the show itself got a nod for Outstanding Comedy Series.

However, with that anticipation comes a number of caveats. Girls may have been the most widely-covered television show of this year, but the ratings didn't reflect all the attention critics and web denizens paid it, so expect HBO to offer something in the way of accessibility to those who may have been turned off by the whole hipster-Williamsburg setting.

However, Lena Dunham's offered up several more diverse characters for season two, leading us to believe that the show may be bending a little bit to find a broader audiences. If we start seeing CGI puppies with attitude in the teasers, we'll know this is the case.