Fans of women's clothing, I don't know how to tell you this: The Style channel will be no more, effective September 23rd. Its spot on your lineup will be the new home of the Esquire Network, a channel geared towards the same demographic as its namesake magazine, in their words an "upscale male audience."

Bad news for Style fans (admit you're out there!!!), but great news for fans of G4, the gaming-inspired channel that had been on the chopping block to make way for Esquire. So why did G4 get the reprieve and style get the axe?

Apparently with Oxygen, E!, and Bravo, the NBCU portfolio was already skewing pretty heavy in the women/gay men/hungover-straight-man-too-exhausted-to-find-the-remote demographic, so the deletion of Style while maintaining the polar opposite of those channels in G4 seemed like the right thing for the conglomerate to do.

Business as usual will continue for G4, until the