Demonstrating once again the missed opportunity in failing to elect her to the second-highest office in the land, Sarah Palin will take over Amazing America with Sarah Palin this spring.

What is Amazing America with Sarah Palin? It's a reality TV show about America, dammit. No other details were immediately available, but one can presume it will be about Sarah Palin singing "Amber waves of grainnnnnnnnnnnnn" in lots of locations.

Sportsman Channel also features a talk show mediated by the NRA, and a show called Antler Insanity, so maybe she was going to the one channel where she would be able to drag up the level of discourse.

Anyway, it's a channel you don't know if you get, and it's a show you certainly wouldn't watch. But it's Sarah Palin, which makes it funny, so we're reporting it. That's how the world works these days.