A Duck Dynasty star has been suspended by A&E for saying something that has been perceived by many as less than flattering as regards the homosexual community. No surprise there. I wouldn't expect a man whose life revolves around rural duck hunting to really understand the way other parts of the world work, so fine, whatever.

Someone I (stupidly) thought WOULD know something about how the rest of the nation works is Sarah Palin. I know. Very stupid of me. She has stood in support of the suspended Phil Robertson, saying on her Facebook page (the Gettysburg of the 2010's), that "Free speech is an endangered species."

And that's when we learned that an earnest contender for the second-highest post in the land didn't understand the one of the central tenets upon which this country was founded.

Free speech is something provided for by the government, and the fact that Robertson wasn't thrown in jail or censored by the federal, state, or local government is a testament that free speech is doing just fine. What Palin meant to say was, "Having painfully outdated and hateful views on gay people is an endangered species."

Let them stand together. In front of a speeding bus.