Sam Waterston will be bringing both his gruff integrity and his eyebrows to the set of Aaron Sorkin's HBO pilot, tentatively titled "More As This Story Develops," which follows the star and crew of a cable news show as they walk purposefully around a studio and use unrealistically floral language. It's his first acting gig since playing everyone's-second-favorite-"Law & Order"-character-after-Lenny Briscoe, prosecutor Jack McCoy.

Waterston will have a supporting role in the series, playing the news division president, who is star Jeff Bridges' boss. It will be exciting to see Waterston's terse presence laid upon Sorkin's verbose prose. Something's gotta give. Further, the constant walking and talking required of Sorkin's stars serves as terrific cardiovascular exercise for a man of his age, so it's a heart-healthy decision as well.