Sam Raimi To Bring Hot Girls With Guns To TV

Saturday, June 18 by

Always on the lookout for novel new concepts, Sam Raimi has been brought on to executive produce another weekly action series for Starz (the first one being the surprise hit “Spartacus: Blood and Sand“), this one based on the anime seriesNoir.” Here’s a not-particularly-noirish plot synopsis:

“[T]wo female assassins … team up to fight against a secret society. After discovering they’re mysteriously linked, the two, under the Noir moniker, have to work together until they get answers about why and how they are connected — or until one of them kills the other.”

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As luck would have it, I actually saw an episode or two of “Noir” when I was a teenager. I remember it being very visually stylish and violent, which makes it perfect for Sam Raimi, so it’s too bad this is just an executive producer job for him. Maybe he’ll direct an episode or two as well? (Deadline)


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