If there's one thing the entertainment world is lacking, it's television adaptations of bestselling fantasy novels. Thank god Salma Hayek is here to correct this grand oversight. She's now reportedly spearheading an effort to adapt Gregory McGuire's Wicked into an eight-hour miniseries on ABC. The book, which spawned a wildly successful Broadway adaptation in 2003, follows a slew of key characters from The Wizard of Oz through adolscense and early adulthood, focusing specifically on the green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West. No news yet on whether Hayek will play a role in the series, but "Band on Brothers" scribe Erik Jendersen has already signed on to pen the script. Also notable is the fact that the series won't be a musical, which means you can watch it without experiencing that sinking feeling in your stomach that indicates your testosterone supply is shutting itself off in preparation for a sex change. (Deadline)