Just when you're ready to count out NBC, they drop a bombshell like this on the America public...AND TOTALLY REDEEM THEMSELVES!

Of course, I'm kidding. I'm pretty sure that NBC has been abandoned by GE overseers and is now just a scientific study in chaos theory at its randomest. The previous weird news is that Roseanne Barr is working on a pilot called Downwardly Mobile, in which her character runs a mobile home park. Today's weird addendum is that John Goodman might be jumping onboard. As you may or may not remember, depending on your age, Goodman made a name for himself on Roseanne in the late 80's and early 90's.

While this arrangement seems to benefit the show and Roseanne more than it would Goodman, he can credit a lot of his success to Roseanne Barr, and their chemistry on the seminal sit-com was pretty great, so it's hardly charity on his part.

As much as I like to shit on NBC for being awful, let's chalk this one up to the proverbial broken clock being right twice a day. With Roseanne's batshit crazy persona these days, the only thing you can really expect from this show is that it will star Roseanne, and it will be nothing at all like Roseanne.

That's enough to pique my interest.