Having reached a limit to the comedy that can be wrung from robot chickens, Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich have branched out to the realm of stoopid monkeys, as it is a scientific fact that stoopid monkeys are 71% more entertaining than regular monkeys and 412% funnier than chickens, robotic or otherwise.

Stoopid Monkey will exist as a stop-motion/live-action project similar to Robot Chicken, but streaming on YouTube rather than the latter's Cartoon Network venue. Starting on July 15, Stoopid Monkey will air two new episodes every Friday for ten weeks.

Trying to describe the premise of the show is an exercise in futility, as it is with Robot Chicken. "Lots of stop-motion characters do a bunch of stuff, much of it funny." That's about as clear as it's going to get. You want to know what it's about? The episodes are like 15 minutes long. Watch one.