We were all shocked to hear the news that Frank Darabont left his role as showrunner of The Walking Dead. Immediate concerns were that the quality of an already uneven show would drop. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, however, spoke out on the situation this past weekend at New York's Comic-Con. In truth, he says that Darabont's absence wasn't really felt.
Describing the departure as "a really unfortunate situation," he said "I miss Frank on the show - it was a lot of fun working with him."

But "the transition from him to Glen Mazzara was seemless [sic]," he added, highlighting that he and both men had plotted out the second season together early this year. "It wasn't even really a hiccup."

He also noted that showrunner changes happen all of the time, pointing out Dexter as an example. Ruh-roh. Dexter suffered in its fifth season when a new showrunner was brought in, and the jury's still out on season six. Even so, we're left with a sense of hope for the second season of The Walking Dead. The story and potential are there, if only everyone involved were able to rise to it. (THR)