Tony Danza plays a retired athlete in two sitcoms that I can think of. On Who's The Boss, Tony plays a retired baseball player who becomes a dude-maid. In Taxi, he's forcibly retired from boxing after too many K.O.'s. Comedian Rob Riggle (The Other Guys, Human Giant) will be Danza'd soon enough.

Riggle will star in the CBS sitcom Home Game, a multicamera comedy about a retired football player, based on the life of former NFL guard Mark Schlereth. The ex-Bronco's player is a producer on the show, along with Mark Wahlberg, so I'm sure Schlereth will be constantly on set, shouting at the actors, "stop, stop... it didn't happen like that."

Riggle was once a Marine, and could probably kill you very quickly if necessary. So the show, which is about a guy who has to leave his family for several years, almost certainly hits home for Riggle... Home Game, that is. Pretty clever, me. (Deadline)