Rob Riggle, a character actor best known for screaming in films, is being bandied about as the star of a Modern Family spinoff. Riggle plays Tim Dunphy's professional rival Gil Thorpe on the hit show, and the spinoff would focus on him, and his fun traits, like pun-making and generally being regarded as a bad guy.

Let's get more of him! I smell a hit!

Riggle hasn't had much success in TV, unless you consider Patrick Warburton the same person as Riggle, in which case, you could say he's had moderate success. Nonetheless, Modern Family has been trying to get a spinoff, any spinoff, going to extend its brand, so good, bad, or otherwise, we could see this pushed through.

If you don't want to tune in to have a bombastic man of dubious substance scream at you, well, you shouldn't be watching network TV, now should you?